TH 201 - Climate Science & Technology

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TH 201 - Climate Science & Technology

Prerequisite: TH 101 - Introduction to Engineering & Computer science

Includes four projects to learn about Climate Science, Meteorology, and Technology by building your own Weather Station to remotely monitor the weather (temperature, humidity, pressure, UV-index, ambient light, and rainfall).

Project #1: Weather Sensors

Use sensors to measure and analyze the fundamental units of weather

Included: Temperature, humidity, pressure, UV-index and ambient light sensors, LED Bar graph

Project #2: Remote Sensing, Internet Protocols, and Internet Services

Upload your weather data to a database of other weather stations. View your weather data remotely and from any internet connected device.

Included: WiFi module, RGB LEDs

Project #3: Rain Gauge Design, Magnets, and Magnetic Fields

Construct a tilt-bucket rain gauge. When it starts raining, water is funneled into the bucket. It fills up one side of the seesaw-like actuator - causing the actuator to tip and trigger a magnetic switch.

Included: Magnetic Reed switch, Bucket rain gauge

Project #4: Base Station and Weatherproofing

Construct a wireless indoor base station to instantly monitor conditions. Assemble an enclosure to keep sensors protected from the elements. A propeller latch on the bottom lets you have access the whole project without disassembling it.

Included: Acrylic enclosure, Arduino, WiFi Module

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